Beguiled before I even get there

There are a number of (not job) reasons I am going to Beijing:

  • I have never been to China before
  • It’s China, man, at this point in history…
  • All the things I don’t know yet

And it is all the things I don’t know yet that really makes me excited.  I do not speak Mandarin, the few phrases I have learned are so poorly pronounced that they made a young friend of mine shake his head at me when I tried out” Ne hao” on him.

I have never learned a language before and I am pleased to be going to a country where English is not the lingua franca as I will not be able to get lazy and fall into the pigeon English/Arabic or Hindi that I have in the past – and those two languages are so similar that I was even lazier in the end.

So, this be my journey of the eyes of my eyes being opened, the ears of ears being opened (thanks, e.e. cummings) to something new and unfamiliar and story filled.  Oh, I am excited.  And beguiled – I am sure that my imaginations and expectations will trick me just as much as what I think I see and hear when I’m there.

About Birdie in Beijing

Live in Beijing from 2012 til .... who knows? Right now, it suits me just fine.
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One Response to Beguiled before I even get there

  1. What better reason for travellng than to do things that you’ve never tried before.

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