What will I miss?

Aside from people, what is it that I will miss about life in Australia this time round?

I imagine the thing I will miss most will be ease of communication.  It is weird that already I have begun to feel the frustration of being intelligent in one language and totally incapable in another.

I will miss is my sense of direction.  Strange but here, my sense of direction is helped out by knowing how cities are put together here.  I remember moving to the UAE and being befuddled for a while before the culture of geography began to make sense.  Same thing with India.

I will miss grocery shopping on auto pilot.

One thing I miss already, having forsaken Canberra for the warmer climes of the coast, is this great little burger joint that was just down the road from me.  They started life in a caravan parked beside the lake and just recently migrated to a permanent structure near the weekend markets (still in sight of the lake which is nice).  They are so amazing that waiting up to an hour for your burger is not uncommon.  I used to go place the order then take the little beepy thing that tells you when your burger is reader – these particular ones had a range of 1.5 kms – with me while I did the groceries, the washing and then I would be summoned by the beeps, pick up my burger, head home and enjoy.

When I went back to Canberra to get my visa processed, I took my mum to Brodburger and we had a burger:

I guess it doesn’t look that appetising here, but I can tell you: Best Burger Ever.  Thanks Brodburger!

Well, it seems I got a bit sidetracked there.

About Birdie in Beijing

Live in Beijing from 2012 til .... who knows? Right now, it suits me just fine.
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