How to eat

I am a fan. I love the way food in China, that is, Beijing and Inner Mongolia, is served.  And I love the food.  I’m never going to be able to tell you about all the things we ate, but I have a few pictures of the “amazing” food that we feasted upon.

I say “amazing” because our tour operator who was a most fabulous young American woman who could speak Chinese like a whip, laughed every time I said that whatever I was eating was “amazing”, and it seems I am not the only one who does.  In her experience, Australians find food “amaaazing” all the time!

What was truly amazing was how salty everything was.  Not in a way that damaged taste but in a way that made me drink water like … a thing that drinks a lot of water.  Strange that salt would be a preferred flavour enhancer in a land that is dry and seems to be getting drier.  Even the milk tea is salted (not so amazing).  Not so strange when you consider that the Inner Mongolians were nomadic and salt is a great preserver.

And the private dining rooms…a little oasis of quiet….


About Birdie in Beijing

Live in Beijing from 2012 til .... who knows? Right now, it suits me just fine.
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