Signature dishes?

I can’t leave Shanghai and not mention some of the food we enjoyed, watched or laughed at.  There really is something for everybody in that shiny town.

So, let me tell you of the food we enjoyed.  I had a tofu (big fan) and tiny, tiny prawns and calamari stew type affair that was really gingery.  I was thrilled about this because I don’t think I have really tasted ginger since being in Beijing.  I know someone is going to keel over at that thought and their last words will be “Where on earth have you been eating?”    At the same time my mate ordered a roast pork dish that came out as these gorgeous little slices of beautifully cooked meat surrounded by a thick wad of fat.  It is funny, the Westerners buy all the cheap cuts here because there is no fat on the cheap meat.  The Chinese tend to prefer a bit of meat on their fat.  Hilarious because very typically Chinese people are uniformly slim and beautiful and me, well, I tend toward a very healthy portion of fat on my own meat…

Anyway, I digress.

The street food vendors made we want to stand up and applaud.  Who would have thought that selling watermelon or rock-melon on a stick on a street would be such a roaring little trade?  And such an intelligent addition to street food – cold and wet and sweet.  After fighting with the millions on the Pedestrian Street (romantic name, don’t you think?) it was just what my entire soul desired.  And for the paltry sum of 4RMB, a piece was mine, and as I paid double, I enjoyed double.

As the evening descended, out came the pop corn makers with their naked flames and marvelous little iron pots that made the corn pop so musically.

But what I really want to tell you about is the food that made me laugh.  Here are some names from the menu of one establishment we patronised at which we had some truly divine food.  Even one of these, though that was possibly a little less than divine.

Characteristics of salty meat dish hoof


Bad to stay fillets

We actually tried the “hoof” one.  It was certainly meat and salty and had a bit of a nose to it that could have been what a hoof smells like…  It wasn’t bad, but my imagination sort of ruined the experience!

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