10 things…

1. I could eat here happily for the rest of my life.

2. If I hear another hoik or see another golly sitting slimily on the street I think I will vomit.

3. Why is it that public transportation of any kind causes people to become the most selfish, greedy, desperate, hasty and rude versions of themselves?  How hard is it to just wait?

4. My body is none of your business – don’t touch it, don’t talk about it in front of me, don’t photograph it without asking me first, don’t study it, don’t point at it.

5. I am visiting more parts of the city now but I feel that I need to explore more thoroughly.  Now that I have my glorious bike I want to get lost and then find my way home and experience the delights the way home has to offer.

6. Blue sky days make my heart sing.

7. I cannot believe that it gets cold here.  Minus 10?  Not likely.  It is warmer now in mid Autumn than Sydney ever is … Minus 10??

8. Expats.  Love them and loathe them.  Yes, I know I am one, but … do we all have to hang out in the same pub, bar, hutong, shopping centre?

9. I am really frustrated by my inability to speak and understand Chinese.  Let’s start with that and then perhaps I will tackle my illiteracy.  Frustrating.

10. Art.  Ahh, such heartbreakingly beautiful works to be seen and coveted.  I love that I live near one of the art districts.  I don’t even know what it is called, but there are a number of small galleries and large outdoor installations.  I shall leave you with a piece that is extraordinary in size and gutsiness.  I had a long conversation with a young man from a town further in land than Beijing and we viewed this artwork very differently.  I immediately thought of Animal Farm and its commentary on communism and he spoke of a Chinese story in which two brothers go to war because of greediness and end up degenerating so far that the winner ate his brother.  (I may not have the details completely correct, but one eating the other was certainly part of it!).

About Birdie in Beijing

Live in Beijing from 2012 til .... who knows? Right now, it suits me just fine.
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One Response to 10 things…

  1. Ashley says:

    The one about public transportation is so spot on!

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