Feeling very independent, self-sufficient and proud, I took myself off to the hardware store yesterday to buy a hammer and a spirit level.  I have a couple of pictures and things to put up and a whole lot more coming – yes, coming, though I now have a sort-of date for the arrival of my stuff: late days next week.  Anyway, I wended my way through the maze that is a hardware store and found the hammer but not a spirit level and for some reason, I thought they might be near each other.  As I was looking I came across that delightful creature called the ready-made tool kit, complete with hammer and spirit level.

Now, at this point I was ready to remodel the bathroom so thought, of course I need everything in that tool kit even though I don’t know the names for some of those things.

So, off I toddled home all excited about my new adventures in D.I.Y.  When I got the tool set out of it’s packaging, I cam across a very unexpected obstacle.  There was a sheet of plastic covering the tool.  Now, this sheet of rather hefty plastic as screwed onto the frame of the tool box.  Like this:

So, there is the screw holding down the plastic and under the plastic … the screwdriver.

The other funny thing was that I did not have a pair of scissors.  My new tool box had some – under the screwed down plastic…

Later, when I had solved the problem through ingenious use of my one knife, I set about hanging the pictures.  Hefting my new hammer and approaching the wall with determination and a real sense of domination, I struck the first blow in my D.I.Y. career and began pounding the hook into the wall.  Here is the result:

I would love to tell you that the photo is upside down, but, alas, it is not.

However, I did manage to successfully get the pictures hung before the end of the day, but that hook there, I cannot get it out of the wall!  Here is my eventual handy work:

So, pride back in place!

About Birdie in Beijing

Live in Beijing from 2012 til .... who knows? Right now, it suits me just fine.
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