Allergic to the cold?

As it turns out, my doctor thinks I am allergic to the cold.  How weird is that?

I have had this god-awful cough that sounds like I’m a duck trying to sound like a dog which comes upon me in great waves.  Every time I laugh, I cough.  Every time I go outside, I cough.  I am more susceptible to cigarette smoke (bring on January 1 when Trevor makes Plan B smoke free – yay!!).  And when I  start to cough, I cannot stop.  A bout can go on for 15 minutes and renders me unable to do anything else.

So, after being on antibiotics and on crazy but good-tasting Chinese medicine and another kind of medication that did nothing for me whatsoever, I am now taking cortisone which should have me back to normal by tomorrow.

Allergic to the cold.  Who knew.

About Birdie in Beijing

Live in Beijing from 2012 til .... who knows? Right now, it suits me just fine.
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