One Year: 2012

A retrospective in bullet points:


  • started the year on summer holiday in Dubai with Lisa (where it was winter – in name only)
  • Bought new car while under the influence of jet lag and nagging parent
  • saw old friends – Alex, Paul, Claire
  • saw new friends – Jayne and Rupert, Bronwyn, Pauline
  • went to Jazz in the botanic gardens in Canberra and met new colleagues
  • went to Christine’s Australianisation (?) ceremony


  • return to CGS for second year
  • Mama died – went to Melbourne
  • discovered (after a year) Tilly’s in Lyneham
  • saw Lisa when she was in Canberra to present at important conference
  • started golf lessons
  • went to driving range with Jayne


  • Applied of HOD at CGS
  • Mum came to stay
  • saw Summer of the 17th Doll for the first glorious time with the lovely Bill
  • Saw excellent Behind the Lines exhibition at Old Parliament House
  • Went to Melbourne again


  • Did not get HOD job at CGS
  • Started job hunting
  • In Melbourne for Shona’s birthday party
  • Holidays – went to visit Mum
  • Saw Sydney friends
  • Couple of job interviews, nothing exciting


  • Couple more interviews – started looking specifically at China
  • Shanghai job offered – turned down because it seemed a little weird
  • Took French guy to his first AFL game and tried to explain while we were getting increasingly drunk
  • Interview with three schools, three days in a row – one in Singapore, one in Beijing and one in Sydney.  Really liked the Beijing one, was bored by the Sydney one and didn’t like the general feeling of the Singapore one.
  • Offered and accepted job in Beijing
  • Went to Shepparton for the weekend to celebrate (Shepparton to celebrate??!!)  Thanks Jamie!
  • Hand in resignation to CGS


  • Get visa
  • Try to sell car (did not – gave to Mum)
  • Dinner with as many people as possible
  • Sell furniture
  • Engage movers
  • Throw out stuff I really don’t need
  • Mum came to stay
  • Saw Bell Shakespeare’s Macbeth.  Still hate that play.


  • Leave Canberra
  • Hang out at Mum’s
  • Visit Sydney people as often as possible
  • Yet another farewell party (I love yous all!)
  • Start blog
  • Leave for China
  • Have first heat soaked week
  • Meet excellent new colleagues
  • Feel alive


  • Start teaching
  • Attempt to get back into writing
  • Wait and wait and wait for my stuff to arrive
  • Buy furniture for apartment
  • Discover Plan B
  • Buy bicycle and discover a whole new world!


  • Continue to wait for stuff to arrive
  • weather becomes slightly more bearable
  • Commission a new diamond ring from my lovely friend and jeweler in Dubai, Aseeb
  • Continue to try to write


  • Go to Shanghai with Allen and fall in love with the place
  • Buy a 20kg Buddha statue (my first Buddha) that Allen graciously carries around
  • Meet the delightful Mary Anne
  • My stuff arrives!
  • Find a reader for my writing who is excellent!!  (Thanks Mark)
  • Get back into writing


  • SNOW!!  (Yes, still excited)
  • Get a down coat made – think it is overkill.  I have since re-thought.
  • Mary Anne and I win the inaugural trivia night at Plan B
  • British Ball
  • White Collar Boxing – my first boxing match and I loved it! (Birthday present form Mary Anne and Brett – superb people!)
  • Cancel my own birthday party
  • Mary Anne tells me she is leaving Beijing
  • See King Lear – really neat, clean production.  Still my favorite Shakespearian play.


  • Host winter party
  • Winter break
  • More snow
  • Lots of writing
  • Get diamond ring!
  • Hang out with Lynn (ace)
  • Go to Great Wall of China with boys from CGS
  • Look after Borges – most gorgeous dog in the world.  Ha cured me of wanting one.  I have to get up in the morning to walk him – he wakes me up, a little earlier each day!

About Birdie in Beijing

Live in Beijing from 2012 til .... who knows? Right now, it suits me just fine.
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2 Responses to One Year: 2012

  1. And that’s only the tip of the ol’ iceberg! 😉
    Can you move to Tassie next time?

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