All about colour

It has been horribly smoggy in Beijing recently in the build up to the APEC conference.  Now that the conference is on, the skies are blue and high and the sun is unhindered so the temperatures have been just a smidge warmer during the day.

I was at a conference myself over the last three days and somebody coined the phrase “APEC blue” which describes the sky colour but also has quickly come to mean something or someone that is a bit manufactured or contrived and certainly not the real thing.

Anyway, while the smog has been edible and the idea of blue sky was a fantasy, I started making another quilt.

I created a very small block with which I want to create a very big quilt.  I am a bit partial to the shabby chic look and found a nice FQ bundle that was quite low volume and had nice pinks and greens – it’s called Elegant Julia Rose by Quilt Gate Fabrics.

Right now, I am just finishing cutting the pieces, so this a mid-process post.

Here is the pattern of the block – 6 inch by 6 inch ( 15cm x 15cm), which of course could easily be much bigger.  These are quite rough and I did make adjustments, especially to cutting pattern, as I went:





And here is the cutting pattern for a FQ:Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 11.29.50Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 11.27.31









And here are all my little pieces:Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 12.06.25I have used 24 fat quarters.  Each FQ yields 7 blocks.  The quilt will be 12 x 14 blocks which will make it 72 x 84 inches – 182 cm x 213 cm.  So it is going to be big!

I plan to construct the squares in two ways – pink squares with green strips and green squares with pink strips.  Other than that, I don’t want a terribly obvious pattern.

Stay tuned!

About Birdie in Beijing

Live in Beijing from 2012 til .... who knows? Right now, it suits me just fine.
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