Caution drop down, attention security

I am in Shanghai Pudong airport, terminal 2. I’ve stolen the title of this post from the black and yellow security warning that is posted every 2 metres along the glass wall that is all that protects me from the standing up that might result in alerting security to my presence.

Because my flight has been delayed by six blessed hours I have been spending my time thusly:

1. Walking the entire length of the airport twice. Once not on the travellators, the second time on the travellators but not walking. The time difference was fairly insignificant, but then I did spend some time in the dark and deserted ends of the airport using the travellator as a really, really slow treadmill.

2. Going to the duty free shops and looking at absolutely everything. I did buy a nice handbag, that ate up a good four minutes.

3. Drinking one beer very, very slowly while looking at wonderful things on etsy. A lot of window shopping there after the handbag purchase.

4. Closing my eyes and trying to walk with my sense of sound. I’m not very good at that, so now I hiding at Burger King with the singular biggest Pepsi the world has ever seen. I’m not sure if I am supposed to use the parts that I don’t drink to bathe in after my meal. I say “parts” because it really does need the plural to describe its immensity.

5. Really understanding the word “terminal”. What a wonderfully rich word that is and no way that you can look at it that is good. Except when you reach your terminus. And that just feels like it is never going to happen.

6. Trying to avoid smokers.

7. Wishing I hadn’t stowed my down coat in my suitcase when I arrived in Shanghai where the weather was a balmy 8 degrees C. Now it’s me and my pashmina against the entire winter’s night. We’re not winning. And it’s green which doesn’t inspire any feelings of warmth whatsoever.

8. Trying to decide if I should buy a watch as well as a handbag. I haven’t worn a watch for a very long time and have recently felt the desire to take up that habit again. Actually deciding to write this post has postponed that decision. I still have two and a half hours (joy! The time has lessened so!) before the gate opens and I don’t want to do all the good things too soon! I really shouldn’t, it’s not like I don’t need that money for other consumer goods.

Well, farewell to you all. I have a mere 50% battery on my beloved old iPad 2 which translates to about 2-3hours of functionality. Must be judicious with my time…and other resources I guess.

About Birdie in Beijing

Live in Beijing from 2012 til .... who knows? Right now, it suits me just fine.
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